Depending on what the application is in need for....AIM CARPET CARE & RESTORATION, can Power Wash, Soft Wash with Chemistry, and also HOT STEAM WASH!  Your Driveway, Sidewalk, Concrete, Siding, Roofing, Almost any Exterior Item is NO MATCH FOR OUR TEAM AND EQUIPMENT! Let US beautify your Home today!
1. Pressure washing can preserve the value of your property.
Your home’s exterior is exposed to a series of natural and man-made elements, such as sunlight, rain, wind, dirt, pollution, smoke, etc. These elements attack the exterior walls, eroding the paint system and causing it to crack, peel, and develop unsightly stains that negatively impact the curb appeal and value of a property. One way to freshen up and maintain your home’s appearance is to pressure wash your home once a year. In addition, anyone knows that a good-looking house is much easier to rent or sell. If you intend to rent or sell your property, a great idea would be to pressure wash it before hiring a real estate agent to sell it. According to experts, pressure washing can increase the value of a house by 5 to 10 percent.  

2. Pressure washing your home will save you time and money.
Besides maintaining the appearance and value of your property, cleaning the exterior of your home will help you avoid costly repairs down the road. When done regularly, pressure washing can eliminate the contaminants that contribute to dry rot and mold growth, which can cause early failure of specific building materials (e.g. wood) and paint systems. Another essential aspect is that pressure washing can save you valuable time when preparing your home’s exterior for painting. Unlike regular cleaning, which often involves endless scrubbing and the use of chemicals, pressure washing can turn wall cleaning into a simple, fast, chemical-free task. As soon as the exterior is completely dry, you can make the necessary repairs, apply the primer, and paint the walls in your chosen color scheme.

3. Pressure washing your home’s exterior protects your family.
If you don’t clean your home’s exterior regularly, the exposure to moisture, dirt, dust, mold, algae, and allergens will affect not only its appearance and value but also your family’s health. By pressure washing your home, you can prevent potentially life-threatening byproducts released by mold, rot, algae, and allergens from spreading.